Interesting Things is the blog of James Wilding, the principal developer at Sevenoak Design.   James is a twenty-six year old former philosophy student, sometime musician, writer, wannabe blogger and practitioner of Buddhist meditation. He studied at the finest scholarly institutes in England, then spent a few years holed up in a house in the woods learning how to write xhtml. Kinda Robert Johnson style, but longer and without the devil. He likes websites that don’t show off and make his life online simple.Sevenoak Design was founded by James in 2005, with the short-term aim of developing his parents’ website into the internet behemoth he knew it could be, and the long-term aim of earning enough money to continue living in the woods and not have to get a proper job. The company specialises in simple, elegant websites and clever but easy-to-use web apps. You can visit the company website at