That got your attention, didn’t it 😉

See here: John Gruber reports that Apple are giving away a free iPhone to all full-time employees who have been with the company for more than a year. Nice touch of generosity; cynics (and maybe realists) might say that it’s a publicity stunt – or a clever way to get close to your user base – but there’s some good karma in the gesture nevertheless.

Update: turns out it’s all full-time employees, and any part-timers who’ve been there for more than a year. See the very end of this page.

It’s interesting to note that Steve Jobs seems to see the iPhone in a similar role to the original Macs: hence, perhaps, the whole ‘iPhone redefines the mobile phone’ thing. What’ll be interesting when they come out is to ask the users whether in their opinion this is true. I’m guessing the answer will largely be yes, although arguably the leap from ordinary phone to iPhone isn’t as great as the leap from pre-GUI to GUI computing (put aside the full history of GUI for a moment, and assume that the Mac was the first time that the public at large had access to a GUI).